The S3P Proposal

The Surrey Portfolio Pathway Partnership is comprised of three phases.


Phase 1 - 2016/2017

  • the collection of research on the new BC K-12 system, as well as the academic research behind it.
  • the collection of anonymous portfolios from Surrey Schools for the purpose of determining what kind of future structure might be needed.



Phase 2 - 2017/2018

  • a pilot project to admit a small group of students [the KEPI Institute] to KPU without using their grades for admission
  • the development of exemplar portfolios, in conjunction with these students, to show the range of competencies such portfolios can demonstrate
  • the creation of a whitepaper outlining possibilities for a scaled version of this conmpetency-based admission system


The proposal, at KPU, of a permanent competency-based admission system - what some call "portfolio admission."