Hello, we are KEPI.

The Kwantlen Educational Policy Incubator


Our Mission

We find educational stakeholders (parents, students, administrators, community members, and more) with a need for new knowledge about educational policy, and we either collect or create that knowledge. What we produce is disseminated through academic papers and presentations, as well as through Youtube and Podcasts. KEPI is a place to connect with the education and public policy thinkers of tomorrow.

The S3P

The Surrey Portfolio Pathway Partnership (S3P), is KEPI's response to the changes taking place in the K-12 system. The S3P, is intended to create a pathway through which students from the Surrey School District can be admitted to KPU with their portfolios, which are designed to show a more complete picture of each and every individual's skills and abilities than are traditional letter grades. The goal, then, of the S3P project is to bridge the gap that currently exists between the K-12 school system and post-secondary. This goal is in line with the K-16 movement – which seeks to improve the transition from grade 12 to post-secondary study. It is also in line with KPU’s open access mandate, because of which we look for talent that others might not see.

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While the S3P is our main project, the KEPI team has been featured and published in a wide range of media.


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