The Surrey Portfolio Pathway Partnership


The Surrey Portfolio Pathway Partnership



Grades Don't Tell Your Story - You Do.

Driving Competency-Based Admission in Higher Education. 

S3P is KEPIs response to the changes taking place in the K-12 system. The Surrey Portfolio Pathway Partnership, or S3P, is intended to create a pathway through which students from the Surrey School District can be admitted to KPU with their portfolios, which are designed to show a more complete picture of each and every individual's skills and abilities than are traditional letter grades. The goal, then, of the S3P project is to bridge the gap that currently exists between the K-12 school system and post-secondary. This goal is in line with the K-16 movement – which seeks to improve the transition from grade 12 to post-secondary study. It is also in line with KPU’s open access mandate, because of which we look for talent that others might not see.

Why is change needed?

It is needed because grades only provide us with a single data point and we need more to better prepare students for the demands and challenges they will face in the future. The K-12 system is adapting and it is time higher education does too. 

So, What comes next?

At KEPI we are looking for ways to respect and acknowledge the fantastic changes occurring in the K-12 systems. We are working on ways to facilitate the transition process with particular interest on our admission system.

The s3p proposal

Our response to facilitating the transition between   K-12 and higher education - creating a pathway into higher education using the portfolios, which are currently being created by students in the K-12 years, as the primary admission consideration.  


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The Phases of S3P

This project has not always been the S3P as it stands today. It has been an evolving project based on research, collaboration, and testing. To find out more about what we have already done and what is coming in the future click on the button below. 




    This is Why. 

As part of the S3P, we analyzed 17 anonymized portfolios from the Surrey School District to see what they could tell us about student achievement.

Participant 13’s portfolio included a grant proposal for aid to Turkey, with particular attention to the Syrian refugee crisis. The proposal is an informative and dynamic piece of writing, demonstrating the student’s competencies in data interpretation, persuasive essay writing, and analysis of international affairs just to name a few. This single assignment demonstrates far more competencies than their letter grade in English, per say, could ever tell us about their ability to succeed and understand in university and beyond.  Click on the button below to find out more about Participant 13. 

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Participant 15

    What does Participant 15 tell us? 

As part of the S3P, we analyzed 17 anonymized portfolios from the Surrey School District to see what they could tell us about student achievement. Here, we discuss how one of these portfolios illustrated why a static letter grade, for many subject areas, may be a misleading interpretation of student achievement. 

Participant 15’s portfolio included two pieces under the umbrella of English: a poem and a narrative essay, both created for the same course. The narrative essay, while having vivid imagery and descriptive content, contains grammatical errors (as much early career writing does). The poem, however, is well written, filled with intense imagery and strong, powerfully expressed emotions. It is a display of strong student achievement.